December 8, 2023

HPAS Mains 2021/22 Answer Writing Challenge Day 16 : 22-10-2021

HPAS Mains Syllabus General Studies Paper 2 : Governance

Question : Transparency in the government institutions is a prerequisite for good governance. Discuss. (4 Marks, 60 words)

Understanding of question:


DirectiveDiscuss:  You should use your debating skill by carefully giving arguments both in favour and against the asked topic. Conclusion is must. As this question is of 4 marks it is difficult to address this directive, so simply write directly about the asked context.

1.      It empowers citizens by informing them about their rights and responsibilities. E.g. Citizen Charter.

2.      Transparency reduces asymmetry of information and ensures accountability of government

3.      Openness enhances people’s participation though tools such as social audit

4.      It makes the decision makers more conscious of their choices



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