December 8, 2023

HPAS/Allied Mains Answer Writing Challenge Day 16 : 08-07-2021

HPAS Mains Syllabus General Studies Paper 1 : India After Independence

Question: Analyse the circumstances that led to Tashkent Agreement in 1966.  Discuss the highlights of the agreement. (20 Marks, 400 words)

Understanding of question:


DirectiveAnalyse:  In this we have to break the question into parts and carefully examine their details and interrelationships.
IntroductionAbout Tashkent agreement
Main Body 



·       Kashmir Attack

·       Operation Gibraltar

·       Operation Grand slam

·       International Response

Tashkent Declaration:

·       According to the Declaration, the following points were to be followed by both countries:

·       India and Pakistan would both fall back to their previous positions held prior to August 5,  1965

·       Neither would interfere in the internal affairs of the others and would discourage toxic propaganda against each other

·       There would be an orderly transfer of prisoners of war, and the two leaders would work towards improving bilateral relations.

·       The agreement was reached to restore trade and economic relations as before


ConclusionOutcome of this declaration and its impact on present India
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